Menshikov, Mikhail

Menshikov, Mikhail Osipovich (1859-1918)

Russian literary man, publicist. Primarily, he was close to liberal Narodnik movement and Tolstoyism; then, he took positions of extreme nationalism. As he contributed to Suvorin's "Novoye Vremia" known with its reaction, extreme chauvinism and venality, he suffered contempt and hate in literary circles. In his articles, he carried out fervent anti-semitic propaganda. He grounded his anti-semitism with the Race Theory that became ideological base of race segregation and genocide in the 20th century; he popularized the idea of "international Jewish plot". Cheka shot down him by the accusation of Monarchist plot. In 1993, he was rehabilitated. In the last years, the attempts were undertaken to propagate literary and ideological heritage of Menshikov. Almanac "Russian Archive" published by N.S. Mikhalkov dedicated special issue to M.O. Menshikov.